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Introducing our exquisite Varmala Preservation Monogram Lights, a timeless keepsake that encapsulates the essence of your special day. Within a stunning 12-inch frame, delicate flowers from your sacred Varmala ceremony are meticulously preserved and displayed inside monogram letters representing the initials of the couple. Each letter stands at a graceful height of 5.5 inches, creating a captivating blend of romance and elegance. This luminous masterpiece not only immortalizes the beauty of your union but also radiates a warm glow, symbolizing the eternal flame of your love. Cherish the memories, light up your love story with our Varmala Preservation Monogram Lights.

Varmala Flower Preservation Light Monogram

  • Capture the essence of your love story! After placing your order with us, please send a high-resolution photo to with your name mentioned in the email. We'll lovingly frame your memories for a personalized touch that lasts a lifetime. Let the preservation of your varmala unfold with every detail you cherish.
    And the Wedding Varmala flowers to be mailed to the address, that will be mentioned in the email.

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